Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jason Plays Music #20...July 25th, 2014...

July 25th, 2014...

1. John Abercrombie "Backward Glance"
2. Robert Johnson "Cross Road Blues" (Take 1)...

3. Chris Bell "Sunshine"
4. - "Can't Get You Off My Mind"
5. Frank Sinatra "They Can't Take That Away From Me"
6. King Tubby "London Bridge Special"
7. Aggrovators & King Tubby "The Poor Barber"
8. Brad All Stars "Jah Dub"
9. The Eddie Prince Fusion Band "The Struggle Is Over/Next Chap"
10. Ahmed Abdul-Malik "Searchin'"
11. Poolside "California Sunset"
12. Metal Fingers "Eucalyptus"
13. Madlib "Live From Outer Space"
14. Domo Genesis Feat. Hodgy Beats & Frank Ocean "Steamroller"
15. Gang Starr "Code Of The Streets"
16. Krumb Snatcha Feat. Guru "Here We Go"
17. Above The Law "Menace To Society"
18. Knx "(Let's)TalkAbtit"
19. Ghostface Killah Feat. Raekwon "Starks & Chef"
20. Tyler The Creator "48"
21. Adult. "Lost Love"
22. Shy Boys "Is This Is Who You Are?"
23. Restricted Code "New Messiah"
24. Guided By Voices "Planet Score"
25. Rage Against The Machine "War Within A Breath"

Jason Plays Music #19...July 24th, 2014...

july 24th, 2014...

1. Gamalon "Rainbow"
2. Peter Walker "Blake Street"...

3. Julie London "Girl Talk"
4. Frank Sinatra "Night & Talk"
5. Beck "Turn Away"
6. Modern English "Tranquility Of A Summer Movement (Vise Versa)"
7. Robert Pollard "Prince Alphabet"
8. Peggy Lee "I Hear Music"
9. Otis Redding "Try A Little Tenderness"
10. Cream "Dance The Night Away"
11. Tori Amos "Almost Rosey"
12. Pavement "Give It A Day"
13. Cabaret Voltaire "Do The Mussolini (Headkick) (They Kill Him Dub)"
14. Aggrovators "King Tubby's In Fine Style"
15. Half Pint "Miss Lue Dub"
16. Dub Colossus "Uptown Top Ranking" (Negus Dub)
17. Knxwledge "LetMeUp (dnt.si_us)"
18. MellowHype "Loco"
19. Roy Ayers "Boogie Back"
20. Loose Ends "A Little Spice" (Gang Starr Remix)
21. Krs One "Wannabemceez"
22. Hasstyle Feat. Shinobi #7 "Projects"
23. Perc "Speek"
24. David Bowie "I Pray, Ole'"
25. Robert Pollard "Mouseman Cloud"

Jason Plays Music #18...July 20th, 2014...

July 20th, 2014...

1. M. Ward "Story Of An Artist"
2. Peggy Lee "S'Wonderful"...

3. Frank Sinatra "Ghost Of A Chance"
4. Iggy Pop "Moonlight Lady"
5. Felt "Red Indians"
6. Cabaret Voltaire "Photophobia"
7. Circus Devils "Arrival At Low Volume Submarine"
8. Erykah Badu "Other Side Of The Game"
9. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson "Winter In America" (Live)
10. King Tubby With Tony Brevitt "Come On Little Girl"
11. King Tubby "Don't Rush Dub"
12. King Tubby & Prince Jammy "Version Of Class"
13. Scientist "Abeng Dub"
14. Ultra Vivid Scene "Crash"
15. Pavement "Gangsters & Pranksters"
16. Robert Pollard "Something Strawberry"
17. Guided By Voices "Evangeline Dandelion"
18. Tricky "Past Mistake"
19. Tyler The Creator "Blow"
20. MellowHype "Chordaroy"
21. Madvillain "Raid" (Instrumental)
22. Gang Starr Feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx "Capture (The Militia Pt.3)
23. John Acquaviva Presents Swen Weber "First Stroke"
24. A Guy Called Gerald "Life Unfolds His Mystery"
25. The Sebadoh "It's All For You"

Jason Plays Music #17...July 19th, 2014...

July 19th, 2014...

1. Julie London "The End Of The World"
2. Frank Sinatra "At Long Last Love"...

3. Sebadoh "Stop The Wheel"
4. The Afghan Whigs "Step Into The Light"
5. David Bowie "Life On Mars?"
6. John Abercrombie "Jazz Folk"
7. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Love Lies"
8. Robert Pollard "On Short Wave"
9. Errol 'Flabba' Holt "Easy Niah Man"
10. Super Black "Deh Wid You"
11. Linval Thompson Meets King Tubby "Italian Dub"
12. Scientist "Extra Time Part 5"
13. King Tubby & Prince Jammy "Channel Is A Joker"
14. Lou Reed "High In The City"
15. Gang Of Four "He'd Send In The Army"
16. Reptile Ranch "(Don't Give The) Lifeguard (A Second Chance)"
17. Map Of Africa "Plastic Surgery"
18. Brigitte Fontaine "Comme Rimbaud"
19. Axxa/Abraxa "I Almost Fell"
20. Madlib "Chant 3"
21. Aceyalone "I Got To Have It Too"
22. Shyheim "On & On" (DJ Premier Remix)
23. Snoop Dogg "It's The One & Only"
24. The Jet Age Of Tomorrow "Wonderland"
25. Acen "Window In The Sky" (Krystal Fairground Mix)

Jason Plays Music #16...July 18th, 2014...

july 18th, 2014...

1. Lou Reed 'Heroin'
2. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong 'Learnin' The Blues'...

3. Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman 'Why Don't You Do Right'
4. The Four Freshmen 'Them There Eyes'
5. King Tubby 'Double Cross'
6. Towa Tei 'Technova (La Em Copacabana)'
7. Whomadewho 'The Morning'
8. Lifeguards 'Product Head'
9. David Bowie 'Tumble And Twirl'
10. Felt 'The Day The Rain Came Down'
11. Gang Starr Feat. Scarface 'Betrayal'
12. Jay-Z 'Say Hello' (9th Wonder remix)
13. OFWGKTA Feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler The Creator 'NY (Ned Flanders)
14. Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Vince Staples 'Centurion'
15. Prodigy & The Alchemist Feat. Roc Marciano 'Death Sentence'
16. Quasimoto 'Mr. Two-Faced' (Instrumental)
17. Madlib '-'
18. Redman Feat. K-Solo 'It's Like That (My Big Brother)'
19. Afrika Bambaataa 'Yaknowwhati'msayin'
20. DJ Rashad "Teknitian'
21. The Birthday Party 'The Red Clack'
22. Tim Buckley "The Healing Festival'
23. The Damned 'Fan Club'
24. Afghan Whigs 'Dedicate It'
25. This Heat 'The Fall Of Saigon'

Jason Plays Music #15...July 5th, 2014...

july 5th, 2014...
1. Ella Fitzgerald 'Jail House Blues'
2. Julie London 'June in January'
3. Cannonball Adderley Quartet 'Fuller Bob Man' (2)...

4. The Four Freshmen 'Holiday'
5. Map Of Africa 'Western Love'
6. King Tubby Meets Larry Marshall 'Give Thanks to Jah'
7. Ultra Vivid Scene 'Medicating Angels'
8. The Internet 'She Knows'
9. A.R. Kane 'Honey Be' (For Stella)
10. ABBA 'The Name Of The Game'
11. Pavement 'Old to Begin'
12. The Afghan Whigs 'Crime Scene, Pt. 1'
13. Modern English '16 Days' (Peel Session)
14. David Bowie '5:15 The Angels Have Gone'
15. Black Lips 'Waiting'
16. The Smiths 'Rubber Ring/What She Said' (live)
17. R.E.M. 'Orange Crush'
18. AC/DC 'Soul Stripper'
19. Reg King 'Must Be Something Else Around' (Guide Vocal)
20. Aerosmith 'The hand that feeds'
21. MellowHype 'Right Here'
22. Atmosphere 'Cats Van Bags'
23. Redman feat. Rockwilder & Napalm 'Case Closed'
24. Public Enemy 'How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul'
25. Jel Ford 'Optimistic'

Jason Plays Music #14...July 4th, 2014...

july 4th, 2014...

1. cabaret voltaire 'fuse mountain'
2. frank sinatra 'the music stopped'...

3. ella fitzgerald 'born to be blue'
4. weather report 'cannon ball'
5. cannonball adderley with milt jackson 'the sidewalks of new york' (take 4)
6. nat adderley 'work song'
7. u-roy 'rock dub'
8. lou reed 'teach the gifted children'
9. strawberry alarm clock 'black butter future'
10. colin newman 'convulsions'
11. robert pollard 'I felt revolved'
12. nina persson 'digestif'
13. superchunk 'marquee'
14. frank ocean 'strawberry swing'
15. felt 'grey streets'
16. pavement 'drunk with guns' (peel session)
17. a man called adam 'righteous life'
18. physics 'city lights'
19. tyle the creator feat. domo genesis, mike g, hodgy beats and frank ocean 'window'
20. childish gambino feat. chance the rapper 'they don't like me'
21. gang starr 'jazz thing' (video mix)
22. a guy called gerald 'wonderful world'
23. add n to (x) 'revenge of the black regent'
24. david bowie 'rebel rebel'
25. the stooges 'gun'

Jason Plays Music #13...July 3rd, 2014...

july 3rd, 2014...

1. peter buck 'roswell'
2. ella fitzgerald 'someone to watch over me'...

3. - 'still'
4. tim buckley 'song of the magician'
5. mellowhype 'under 2'
6. sugar minott 'pay you back'
7. ken boothe 'no no no'
8. - "Track 20 From 'Black Foundation In Dub' "
9. pepper adams & jimmy knepper 'primrose path'
10. cannonball adderley with milt jackson 'groovin' high'
11. madvillian 'savage beast' (instrumental)
12. madlib 'bonus A'
13. kanye west feat. common 'my way home'
14. gang starr 'just to get a rep (madlib remix)
15. masta ace feat. guru 'conflict'
16. american music club 'I know that's not really you'
17. morrissey 'we hate it when our friends are successful'
18. neil young 'come on baby let's go downtown'
19. ultravox 'quiet men'
20. alice cooper 'eighteen'
21. this heat 'a new kind of water'
22. the birthday party 'the friend catcher'
23. tv on the radio 'blues from down here'
24. container 'complex'
25. psalm zero 'force my hand'

Jason Plays Music #12...July 2nd, 2014...

july 2nd, 2014...

1. brian eno 'lux 1'
2. john abercrombie and eddie gomez with gene jackson 'embraceable you'...

3. jessica bailiff 'big hill'
4. frank sinatra 'night'
5. ella fitzgerald 'maybe'
6. sebadoh 'healthy sick'
7. richard smyrnios 'as I walk'
8. ted lucas 'raga in 'd' '
9. felt 'budgie jacket'
10. lou reed 'ride into the sun'
11. scientist 'god man the prophet'
12. aba shanti & the shanti-ltes 'live good' (spirit mix)
13. abba 'angel eyes'
14. air 'night hunter'
15. planningtorock 'human drama'
16. radiohead 'lotus flower'
17. knxwledge 'learn'
18. exhibit a 'distance'
19. the alarm 'the deceiver'
20. coldplay 'lovers in japan-reign of love'
21. crash 'cindy jewel' (demo)
22. apollo brown and guilty simpson 'how will I go'
23. childish gambino 'the rocker'
24. barry adamson '007, a phantasy bond theme'
25. joy division 'failures'

Jason Plays Music #11...July 1st, 2014...

july 1st, 2014...

1. ella fitzgerald 'stardust'
2. frank Sinatra 'sentimental baby'...

3. bon iver 'bruised orange (chain of sorrow)'
4. bauhaus 'crowds'
5. sebadoh 'bridge was you'
6. the funky lowlives 'breathless'
7. the weeknd 'heaven or las vegas'
8. prince jammy '42nd street dub'
9. gg all stars 'love of the jah jah child'
10. madlib '7'
11. can 'laugh till you cry live till you die'
12. the loft 'up the hill & down the slope'
13. quasimoto '24-7' (instrumental)
14. masta ace 'dear diary'
15. curren$y 'stolen'
16. aesop rock 'plastic soldiers'
17. jay-z 'tom ford'
18. sadat x 'follow da money'
19. aceyalone & abstract rude (the A-team) 'acey the faceman'
20. a guy called gerald feat. finley quaye 'strangest changes'
21. ac/dc 'hold me back'
22. chris bell 'I don't know' (alternate version)
23. sugar 'fortune teller'
24. alice donut 'sky of bones'
25. percy x 'break it down' (percy x remix)