Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jason Plays Music #30...Nov. 14th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #30...
November 14th, 2014...

1. Barry Adamson "A Perfectly Natural Union"
2. Townes Van Zandt "Poncho & Lefty" (Alternate 1972 Mix)
3. Tim Buckley "Sefronia"...

4. The Smiths "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"
5. Guided By Voices "The Corners Are Glowing"
6. Echo & The Bunnymen "The Killing Moon"
7. Knx "SoHrd"
8. The Birthday Party "Death By Drowning"
9. Portishead "Silence"
10. Lifeguards "What Am I?"
11. Different I's "Drive Your Car To The Middle Of Your Brain"
12. Famous Explorers "Bot Detectives"
13. Astronauts "We Were Talking"
14. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX "I'm New Here"
15. Madlib "Red, Black & Green Showcase"
16. Acid Arab "Berberian Wedding"
17. CSS "Into The Sun"
18. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson "Lose You"
19. Talib Kweli "The Wormhole"
20. Havoc "Gone"
21. Run The Jewels "Get It"
22. Robert Pollard "Space City Kicks"
23. Pavement "It's A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl" (Live)
24. Decadent Few "Burning Caroline"
25. Rema-Rema "Rema-Rema"

Jason Plays Music #29...Nov. 13th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #29...
November 13th, 2014...

1. Guided By Voices "Until Next Time"
2. Gil Scott-Heron "Delta Man (Where I'm Comin' From)"
3. A.R. Kane "Honey Be (For Stella)" (Club Mix)...

4. Phantogram "I Don't Blame You"
5. Map Of Africa "Ely Cathedral"
6. B.C. Gilbert & G. Lewis "R"
7. Chris Bell "Fight At The Table" (Original Mix)
8. Omar "Keep Steppin' "(DJ Premier Mix)
9. Guru & N'Dea Davenport "Trust Me" (Funk Flex Mix)
10. Buckshot LeFonque "Breakfast @ Denny's" (Uptown Version)
11. Gang Starr "Now You're Mine"
12. Dialated Peoples "Worst Comes To Worst" (Remix)
13. Rakim "New York" (Alternate Mix)
14. Tony Touch Feat. Rah Digga & Angie Martinez "Ladies First Freestyle"
15. Madlib "Inspectah Deck’s verse from 7L & Esoteric’s “Speaking Real Words” / Rae’s verse from Big Pun’s “Fire Water” "
16. Tyler The Creator Feat. Hodgy Beats "Jamba"
17. Pharrell Feat. Slim Thug "Keep It Playa"
18. Metro Area "Caught Up"
19. Adonis "(Break Down)"
20. Barry Adamson "The Track With No Name"
21. Run The Jewels Feat. Until The Ribbon Breaks "Job Well Done"
22. Rema-Rema "Instrumental"
23. Article 58 "Event To Come"
24. Pavement "Flame Throwa"
25. Acen "Window In The Sky" (DJ DMS Mix)

Jason Plays Music #28...Nov. 12th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #28...
November 12th, 2014...

1. Darkside "Within" (Daftside Remix)
2. Gamalon "Intro" (Live At The Tralf)
3. Frank Sinatra "Body And Soul"...

4. John Abercrombie Quartet "Lst"
5. Death Vessel "Mercury Dime"
6. Robert Pollard "The Rank Of A Nurse"
7. Wire "Still Shows"
8. King Tubby "Wiseman Dub Stylee"
9. King Tubby/Errol Thompson "Creation"
10. Madlib/Guilty Simpson "I Must Love You (OJ Simpson Remix)
11. Knxwledge "Notone"
12. Gang Starr Feat. Jadakiss "Rite Where You Stand"
13. The Lox "Recognize"
14. GhostfaceKillah Feat. Raekwon "Missing Watch"
15. Tyler The Creator "Jack And The Beanstalk"
16. Screwball "Seen It All"
17. Madlib "Earth Sounds"
18. A Certain Ratio "Up In Downsville Pt.2"
19. Gil Scott-Heron "Shut Um Down"
20. Add N To (X) 'Inevitable Fast Access (Sleeze)"
21. Magic Touch "Passion"
22. Guided By Voices "Billy Wire"
23. David Bowie "Candidate (Intimacy Mix)"
24. AC/DC "Squealer"
25. The Damned "I Fall"

Jason Plays Music #27...Nov. 11th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #27...
November 11th, 2014...

1. Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby/Fred Waring "Early American"
2. Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim "Change Partners"
3. Robert Pollard "Double Standards Inc."...

4. Band Of Horses "Older"
5. Beck "Don't Let It Go"
6. Gamalon "Tears Of A Planet"
7. Portishead "Hunter"
8. Peter Buck With Patterson Hood "Southerner"
9. Pavement "Rain Ammunition" (Peel Session)
10. King Tubby "Loving Dub"
11. Roots Radics Meets King Tubby "Crazy Dub"
12. Psalms Of Drums "Let Me Go Girl"
13. Gil Scott-Heron "Possum Slim"
14. David Bowie "Black Tie White Noise"
15. Selena Cerron Feat. Guru & Hastyle "Gots To Have You"
16. Adamski "Pipe Groover"
17. Knxwledge "ThnkAbtYew (ThngsYewNeed)
18. Igneous Rock "The Regal Beagle 4"
19. Redman "Welcome (Interlude)
20. Jay-Z "Heaven"
21. Krs One "Rappaz R N Daija"
22. OFWGKTA Feat. Tyler The Creator "Splatter"
23. Tony Touch Feat. Black Thought "Thought Process"
24. DJ Elmoe "Whea Ya Ghost At, Whea Ya Dead"
25. Bauhaus "Scopes"

Jason Plays Music #26...Sept. 9th, 2014...

September 9th, 2014...

1. Frank Sinatra "White Christmas"
2. Big Star "Holocaust"...

3. The Smiths "I Know It's Over" (Live)
4. Prince Far I & King Tubby "Jordan River"
5. King Tubby/Larry Marshall "Give Thanks To Jah"
6. Black Uhuru "Mystic Mix"
7. Felt "Get Out Of My Mirror"
8. Death Vessel "Velvet Antlers"
9. Lo-Fang "When We're Fire"
10. Madlib "Conducted Rhythm"
11. King Tubby/The Scientist "Scientist Champagne Dub"
12. King Tubby/Larry Marshall "Dub Is My Woman"
13. Prince Jammy "Basement Dub"
14. Adamski "Squiggy Groove"
15. Darkside "Touch" (Darkside Remix)
16. Ahmed Abdul-Malik "Wakida Hena"
17. Skaters "To Be Young In NYC"
18. The Big Pink "Jump Music"
19. Just-Ice "Love Rap"
20. Aceyalone & RJD2 "Fire"
21. Gang Starr Feat. Lil' Dap & Jeru The Damaja "Speak Ya Clout"
22. Public Enemy "Prophets Of Rage"
23. Robert Pollard "Mr. Fantastic Must Die!"
24. Acen "Window In The Sky" (DJ DMS Mix)
25. DJ Soul Slinger "Musical Section" (The River Of Action Of Remix)

Jason Plays Music #25...Sept. 1st, 2014...

September 1st, 2014...

1. Linda Perhacs "Dolphins"
2. Sebadoh "More Simple"...

3. Tricky "Bad Things"
4. Blur "Country Sad Ballad Man"
5. Ultra Vivid Scene "Mercy Seat" (12")
6. King Tubby & Harry Mudie "Full Dose Of Dub"
7. Devon Russell "Jah Hold The Key"
8. The English Beat "The Limits We Set"
9. Soul Syndicate "This Is The Greatest Version"
10. The Aggrovators & King Tubby "So Much Version"
11. Barry Adamson "Diamonds"
12. Colourbox "Tarantula (7" First Version)
13. Abba "Why Did It Have To Be Me?"
14. Muhal Richard Abrams "Bloodline"
15. Morrissey "Tomorrow"
16. The Jam "Funeral Pyre"
17. MellowHype "Loaded"
18. Mike G. "King"
19. DJ Honda Feat. Gang Starr "What You Expected"
20. M.O.P. "Bloody Murdah"
21. Jay-Z "F.U.T.W."
22. Tony Touch Feat. Gob Goblin, Starvin' B & Spit Gemz "GMI Freestyle"
23. Isaiah Rashad "Modest"
24. Aceyalone "On The 1"
25. Bonobo Feat. Andrya Triana "The Keeper" (Redeyes Remix)

Jason Plays Music #24...Aug. 24th, 2014...

August 24th, 2014...

1. Les Moore 'Ooh-Pah-D0-Pah-Do'
2. Frank Sinatra 'The Girl Next Door'...

3. Peggy Lee 'Santa Clause Is Coming To Town'
4. Natty Dread Girl 'Version'
5. King Tubby & Harry Mudie 'Strip Tease Dub'
6. King Tubby & Friends 'Step It Up In Dub'
7. The Raincoats 'Ooh Ooh La La La'
8. Ahmed Abdul-Malik 'Ya Annas (Oh, People)'
9. King Sunny Ade' 'Synchro System'
10. Gamalon 'The Sword'
11. DP 'What A Day'
12. Apollo Brown Feat. The Left 'Detroit Red'
13. Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Vince Staples 'Burgundy'
14. MellowHype 'Intoxicated Dreams'
15. Nas 'Success' (9th Wonder Remix)
16. Clipse 'Pussy' (Madlib Remix)
17. Tony Touch Feat. Busta Rhymes, J Doe, Reek Da Villain & Roc Marciano 'Hold That'
18. Gang Starr Feat. M.O.P. '1/2 & 1/2'
19. Public Enemy 'Caught, Can We Get A Witness'
20. A Guy Called Gerald "Disneyland'
21. Acen 'Window In The Sky' (Nino's Night Mix)
22.School Meals 'Headmaster'
23. Robert Pollard 'Return Of The Drums'
24. Helms Alee 'New West'
25. Bleeding Rainbow 'Time & Place'

Jason Plays Music #23...Aug. 4th, 2014...

august 4th, 2014...

1. Willis Earl Beal "Sambo Joe From The Rainbow"
2. Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman "Where Or When"...

3. Frank Sinatra "Learnin' The Blues"
4. Madlib "Handmade Hustle" (Instrumental)
5. Knxwledge. "Awnaw (TWRK)"
6. Freestyle Fellowship "Different"
7. Quasimoto "Boom Music" (Instrumental)
8. Gang Starr "Credit Is Due"
9. O.C. Feat. Organized Konfusion "War Games"
10. Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) Feat. Supastition "The Web"
11. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson "Let's Play"
12. MellowHype "Monster"
13. Ghostface Killah "Block Rock"
14. Pharrell Williams "Gush"
15. Electronic "Idiot Country Two"
16. Tortoise "Djed"
17. Muhal Richard Abrams "Ensemble Song"
18. The Police "Someone To Talk To"
19. The Birthday Party "The Red Clock"
20. Dean Wareham "Emancipated Hearts"
21. Barry Adamson "The Sun And The Sea"
22. This Heat "Twilight Furniture"
23. Pavement "Ed Ames" (Peel Session)
24. Helms Alee "Slow Beef"
25. AC/DC "Kissin' Dynamite"

Jason Plays Music #22...Aug. 2nd, 2014...

August 2nd, 2014...

1. Frank Sinatra "Yesterdays"
2. Townes Van Zandt "Untitled"...

3. Sebadoh "pounding My Skinny Head"
4. Willis Earl Beal "Wavering Lines"
5. John Abercrombie "Bred"
6. Peggy Lee "The Come Back"
7. Knx "Dntleave"
8. Freestyle Fellowship "Introspective"
9. Domo Genesis feat. Hodgy Beats. "Basic Bitch"
10. Denaun Porter "Naked In 3 Sexonds Flat"
11. Biz Markie Feat. Black Indian "And I Rock"
12. Madlib Feat. Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes "For The Nasty" (Remix)
13. Colourbox "Hipnition"
14. The Notwist "Pick Up The Phone"
15. Bombay Bicycle Club "Dust On The Ground"
16. Lo-Fang "When We're Fine"
17. Abba "Watch Out"
18. Tim Buckley "Honey Man"
19. Robert Pollard "Weatherman & Skin Goddess"
20. Gang Starr "PLAYTAWIN"
21. Lord Finesse "Slave To My Soundwave"
22. MellowHype "Based"
23. I:Cube "Le Bon Vieux Temps (Red Tape Version)
24. Acen "Obsessed II (Pictures Of Silence)"
25. Cheetahs "Geographic"

Jason Plays Music #21...July 27th, 2014...

July 27th, 2014...

1. abba "i wonder (departure)"
2. young marble giants "credit in the straight world"...

3. gil scott-heron & brian jackson "peace go with you, brother (as-salaam-alaikum)
4. guided by voices "one, two, three, four"
5. stooges "night theme" (reprise)
6. a man called adam "superman"
7. king tubby harry mudie "drifting dub"
8. king tubby "guidance dub"
9. morel unlimited meets king tubby "concord"
10. knxwledge "froid"
11. stanley turrentine "sister sanctified"
12. muhal richard abrams "11 over 4"
13. rjd2 "iced lightning"
14. madlib "more rice"
15. robert glasper x mr. porter "calls (mr. porter remix instrumental)
16. gang starr "tonz o' gunz" (instrumental)
17. earl sweatshirt "drop"
18. m.o.p. "4 life"
19. aceyalone feat. abstract rude "the saga continues"
20. freestyle fellowship "got you on the run"
21. a-team "lab down under"
22. wire "over theirs"
23. mighty baby "a friend you know but never see"
24. the sebadoh "thrive"
25. robert pollard "far-out crops"