Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Jason Plays Music #46...Dec. 15th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #46...
Dec. 15th, 2014...

1. John Zorn "Arc"
2. Ella Fitzgerald & The Delta Rhythm Boys "It's A Pity To Say Goodnight"
3. Yolanda Adams "Thank You"...

4. Mose Allison "It's Crazy"
5. Cannonball Adderley "Jackleg"
6. America "Submarine Ladies"
7. Gil Scott-Heron "I'm New Here"
8. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Omen"
9. Tim Buckley "Aren't You The Girl"
10. Spectre "Al Qaida (The Bass)"
11. Talking Heads "New Feeling"
12. Robert Pollard "Obvious #1"
13. The Free Design "Go Lean On A River"
14. Depeche Mode "NoDisco"
15.Pere Ubu "Final Solution"
16. The Fall "And This Day"
17. Joy Division "Warsaw"
18. Labtekwon "Aten (The God Is Love)"
19. Poor Righteous Teachers "Shakiyla (JHR)"
20. Sean Price Feat. Buckshot "Bye Bye"
21. James Brown "Give It Up Or Turn It Loose" (Live)
22. Coil "The Snow (Answers Come In Dreams I)
23. Autechre "Cavity Job"
24. Aquasky "Supernatural"
25. Prince "Everywhere"

Jason Plays Music #45...Dec. 14th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #45...
Dec. 14th, 2014...

1. John Zorn "Lampropeltis Doliata Syspila"
2. Coil "Chalice"
3. Ella Fitzgerald & Gordon Jenkins "Black Coffee"...

4. Ray Charles & Willie Nelson "It Was A Very Good Year"
5. Sea & Cake "Bring My Car I Feel To Smash It"
6. Mose Allison "Spires"
7. The Legendary Pink Dots "Red Castles"
8. Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus" (Acoustic)
9. R.E.M. "Electrolite"
10. Talking Heads "Love/Building On Fire"
11. Lenny Kravitz "Can We Find A Reason"
12. King Crimson "Sailor's Tale"
13. Kevin Yost "If She Only Knew" (Shazz's Revenge Of The 80s Remix)
14. Throbbing Gristle "The Third Mind: Third Movement"
15. Clark "Glow (Kuedo)"
16. Joy Division "Insight" (Live)
17. Ackryte "Going"
18. The Weakener "50 Route"
19. Prince Charming "Transcendental Expectorations"
20. MellowHype "BlaccFriday"
21. Scotty Hard "Modus Operandi"
22. Adult. "New Object" (Edit)
23. Aquasky "The Stalker"
24. Death "Dannis On The Motor City Drums
25. The Motions "Everything (That's Mine)"

Jason Plays Music #44...Dec. 13th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #44...
Dec. 13th, 2014...

1. Omri Mor "City Of Slaughter: Requiem"
2. Lenny Kravitz "Just Be A Woman"
3. Ray Charles & Johnny Mathis "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"...

4. Lydia Loveless "Everything's Gone"
5. America "It's Life"
6. Nature & Organisation "Hooves"
7. Ella Fitzgerald & Tutti Camarata "(Love Is) The Tender Trap"
8. Prince "Rainbow Children"
9. John Zorn "End Credits"
10. Current 93 "Those Flowers Grew"
11. Flying Lotus Feat. Thundercat "Descent Into Madness"
12. Clark "Cantstandtherain (Silverman)"
13. Nine Horses "Get The Hell Out"
14. Kevin Yost "Day By Day"
15. 808 State Feat. Ian McCulloch "Moses"
16. Mysterious People "Love Revolution (Mood II Swing)"
17. Boog Brown & Apollo Brown "Blink"
18. Sean Price Feat. Pumpkinhead "Battering Bars"
19. Nickelus F & Ohbliv "Give A Damn"
20. Poor Righteous Teachers "Just Servin' Justice"
21.Sensational & Kouhei "It Is"
22. Labtekwon "Hardcore 1988"
23. Allman Brothers Band "Wasted Words"
24. Guided By Voices "Cigarette Tricks"
25. The Fall "The Birmingham School Of Business School"

Jason Plays Music #43...Dec. 12th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #43...
Dec. 12th, 2014...

1. Mose Allison "That's All Right"
2. Ella Fitzgerald & Sy Oliver "Basin Street Blues"
3. Yolanda Adams "The Good Shepherd"...

4. Prince "Golden Parachute"
5. Spectre Feat. Laila "Follow The Smoke"
6. The English Beat "Cheated"
7. The Fall "The Steak Place"
8. R.E.M. "Around The Sun"
9. Talking Heads "Who Is It?"
10. Pavement "I Love Perth"
11. Johnny Thunders "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory"
12. Map Of Africa "Dirty Lovin'"
13. Kevin Yost & Peter Funk "No Crash"
14. Depeche Mode "World In My Eyes" (Live)
15. Lenny Kravitz "Light Skin Girl From London"
16. Cabaret Voltaire "Exterminating Angel" (Intro)
17. Legendary Pink Dots "Leap Of Faith"
18. Scarab "Danger"
19. Kid Baltan & Tom Dissewel "Sonik Re-Entry"
20. Vladimir Ussachevsky "Two Sketches For A Computer Piece, Sketch 2"
21. Autechre "Ccec"
22. Mu-Ziq "Ischjgt Mmp"
23. Sean Price Feat. Ruste Juxx "Bueno Times"
24. Sadat X Feat. Money Boss Players "Come On Down" (Remix)
25. Labtekwon "Phantom"

Jason Plays Music #42...Dec. 11th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #42...
Dec. 11th, 2014...

1. Japan "Burning Bridges"
2. John Zorn "Snowfall"
3. Ella Fitzgerald "My Happiness"...

4. Prince "Muse 2 The Pharoah"
5. Guided By Voices "Old Bones"
6. Billy Bragg & Wilco "Remember The Mountain Bed"
7. King Crimson "Epitaph" (Fillmore East)
8. R.E.M. "Maps & Legends" (Live)
9. The Smiths "Hand In Glove"
10. Talking Head "Pulled Up"
11. Portishead "Small"
12. Larry Sanders "Story Of My Life"
13. Moka Only "Begin Again (Pieces Of Toast)"
14. Jay Dee "Track 15"
15. The Beatnuts "We Getting Paper" (Instrumental)
16. Knxwledge "Agoni"
17. DJ Shadow "Diminishing Returns" (Minute Mix Part II)
18. Watts Prophets "Things Gonna Get Greater Later"
19. Arrested Development "U"
20. KMD "Mr. Hood At Piocalle's Jewelry/Crackpot"
21. Kanye West "Bound 2"
22. Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Two Tribes" (Intermission Legends Mix)
23. Autechre "Characi"
24. X-Ray Spex "Oh Bondage Up Yours!"
25. Sonic Youth "100%"

Jason Plays Music #41...Dec. 10th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #41...
Dec. 10th, 2014...

1. Miles Davis "Bye Bye Blackbird"
2. Cannonball Adderley "Bimini"
3. Prince "You Make My Sun Shine"...

4. The Legendary Pink Dots "Princess Coldheart"
5. The Raincoats "Honey Mad Woman"
6. Ella Fitzgerald "Air Mail Special"
7. Knxwledge "Notone"
8. Mount Kimbie "Fall Out"
9. Madlib "Red, Black & Green Showcase"
10. Pharrell "Can I Have It Like That?"
11. The Beatnuts "Do You Believe?"
12. La The Darkman Feat. Raekwon "Spring Water"
13.Tony Touch Feat. Wu-Tang Clan "Abduction"
14. Nephlim Modulation Systems "Strike Back"
15. Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX "Running"
16. Cabaret Voltaire "Here To Go (Extended Mix)
17. Adamski "The Bassline Changed My Life"
18. DJ Shadow "Live In Oxford (England 31-10-1997)
19. The Free Design Feat. Chris Geddes & Hush Puppy "2002-Hit Song"
20. Current 93 "Black Ships Ate The Sky II" (Remixed By JG Thirlwell)
21. Coil "Acid Jam 1"
22. Umek "Posing As Me"
23. Lenny Kravitz "Dirty White Boots"
24. Guided By Voices "Males Of Wormwood Mars"
25. Live Skull "Was"