Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jason Mass Plays Music #79...(Mar. 12th, 2015)

Jason Mass Plays Music #79...
Mar. 12th, 2015...

1. Current 93 "They Returned To Their Earth (For My Christ Thorn)"
2. Tim Buckley "Pleasant Street"...

3. Department Of Eagles "Deadly Disclosure"
4. American Music Club "Heaven Of Your Hands"
5. Roxy Music "True To Life"
6. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan "Stone Cold Dead In The Market (He Had It Coming)
7. Scotty Hard "Lurking In The Shadows"
8. Slint "Washer"
9. The Raincoats "Lola"
10. Chris Bell "My Life Is Right (Rock City)"
11. Stereolab "Cybele's Reverie"
12. Aryans Aquarians "The Aryan Aquarians Theme"
13. The Jet Age Of Tomorrow "Submarine"
14. The Brigands "(Would I Still Be) Her Big Man"
15. Felt "Sandman's On The Rise Again"
16. J Dilla "Electroplankton"
17. Diamond D "Don't Beg"
18. Kev Brown & Hassaan MacKey "War"
19. Black Sheep "Black With N.V. (No Vision)"
20. !!! "And Anyway It's Christmas"
21. Frankie Goes To Hollywood "Relax" (Cold Cut Remix)
22. Coil "First Dark Ride 2"
23. Mu-Ziq "Meinheld"
24. Guided By Voices "Matter Eater Lad"
25. The Fall "British People In Hot Weather"