Friday, April 10, 2015

Jason Mass Plays Music #92...(Apr. 10th, 2015)

Jason Mass Plays Music #92...
April 10th, 2015...
1. Brian Eno Feat. Brad Laner & Inge Zalaliene "Going Unconscious"
2. Jessica Pratt "Moon Dude" ...

3. Current 93 "Riverdeadbank"
4. Nat Adderley "I've Got A Crush On You"
5. David Holland/Barre Phillips "Song For Clare"
6. Depeche Mode "Sometimes"
7. Sid Harkreader & Grady Moore "In The Sweet Bye And Bye"
8. Blind Blake "West Coast Blues"
9. Big Star "I'm In Love With A Girl"
10. Tori Amos "Mr. Bad Man"
11. Shuggie Otis "Bad Luck Shadow"
12. Kings Of Convenience "Failure"
13. Dave Vorhaus "The DIY Machine"
14. Modern English "Coming From You" (1979 Demo)
15. Grant McLennan "Who Said Love Was Dead"
16. REM "Still Standing"
17. Divine Styler "The Next"
18. ESG "UFO"
19. J Dilla "Put It Down"
20. Metermaids Feat. 9th Wonder "Gone"
21. Kool & The Gang Vs. Sean Paul "Kool Temperature"
22. Eddie Amador "House Music" (Message Mix)
23. Joy Division "Digital"
24. The Fall "Bombast" (Rough Mix)
25. Circus Devils "We're Going Inside Of The Head (Of A Winner)"