Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jason Mass Plays Music #103...(May 21st, 2015)

Jason Mass Plays Music #103...
May 21st, 2015...

1. Gravenhurst "Offerings"
2. Frank Sinatra "Day In Day Out"...

3. Kings Of Convenience "Leaning Against The Wall"
4. Tori Amos "Dragon"
5. Modest Mouse "Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical Birds"
6. Arthur Russell "This Time Dad, You're Wrong"
7.Blonde Redhead "Justin Joyous"
8. Air "Missing The Light Of Day"
9. Depeche Mode "Ice MachineP (Live)
10. David Bowie "Fashion"
11. A.R. Kane "W.O.G.S."
12. Ryan Adams "Anybody Wanna Take Me Home?"
13. Pharrell Wiliams Feat. Alicia Keys "You Know Who You Are"
14. Just Jack Vs. The Cardigans Vs. Justin Timberlake "Justi Jack In Love"
15. Colourbox "You Keep Me Hanging On"
16. Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra Feat. Lew Tabackin "Ten Gallon Shuffle"
17. Outkast "Wailin' "
18. De La Soul "The Hustle"
19. Madlib Feat. MED "What Can You Tell Me?"
20. Beastie Boys "Three MC's & One DJ"
21. Mason "Exceeder"
22. The Fall "Spencer Must Die"
23. American Music Club "Somewhere"
24. Circus Devils "Are You Out With Me?"
25. Guided By Voices "Spliced At Acme Fair"