Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jason Plays Music #23...Aug. 4th, 2014...

august 4th, 2014...

1. Willis Earl Beal "Sambo Joe From The Rainbow"
2. Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman "Where Or When"...

3. Frank Sinatra "Learnin' The Blues"
4. Madlib "Handmade Hustle" (Instrumental)
5. Knxwledge. "Awnaw (TWRK)"
6. Freestyle Fellowship "Different"
7. Quasimoto "Boom Music" (Instrumental)
8. Gang Starr "Credit Is Due"
9. O.C. Feat. Organized Konfusion "War Games"
10. Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) Feat. Supastition "The Web"
11. Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson "Let's Play"
12. MellowHype "Monster"
13. Ghostface Killah "Block Rock"
14. Pharrell Williams "Gush"
15. Electronic "Idiot Country Two"
16. Tortoise "Djed"
17. Muhal Richard Abrams "Ensemble Song"
18. The Police "Someone To Talk To"
19. The Birthday Party "The Red Clock"
20. Dean Wareham "Emancipated Hearts"
21. Barry Adamson "The Sun And The Sea"
22. This Heat "Twilight Furniture"
23. Pavement "Ed Ames" (Peel Session)
24. Helms Alee "Slow Beef"
25. AC/DC "Kissin' Dynamite"

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