Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jason Plays Music #13...July 3rd, 2014...

july 3rd, 2014...

1. peter buck 'roswell'
2. ella fitzgerald 'someone to watch over me'...

3. - 'still'
4. tim buckley 'song of the magician'
5. mellowhype 'under 2'
6. sugar minott 'pay you back'
7. ken boothe 'no no no'
8. - "Track 20 From 'Black Foundation In Dub' "
9. pepper adams & jimmy knepper 'primrose path'
10. cannonball adderley with milt jackson 'groovin' high'
11. madvillian 'savage beast' (instrumental)
12. madlib 'bonus A'
13. kanye west feat. common 'my way home'
14. gang starr 'just to get a rep (madlib remix)
15. masta ace feat. guru 'conflict'
16. american music club 'I know that's not really you'
17. morrissey 'we hate it when our friends are successful'
18. neil young 'come on baby let's go downtown'
19. ultravox 'quiet men'
20. alice cooper 'eighteen'
21. this heat 'a new kind of water'
22. the birthday party 'the friend catcher'
23. tv on the radio 'blues from down here'
24. container 'complex'
25. psalm zero 'force my hand'

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