Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jason Plays Music #14...July 4th, 2014...

july 4th, 2014...

1. cabaret voltaire 'fuse mountain'
2. frank sinatra 'the music stopped'...

3. ella fitzgerald 'born to be blue'
4. weather report 'cannon ball'
5. cannonball adderley with milt jackson 'the sidewalks of new york' (take 4)
6. nat adderley 'work song'
7. u-roy 'rock dub'
8. lou reed 'teach the gifted children'
9. strawberry alarm clock 'black butter future'
10. colin newman 'convulsions'
11. robert pollard 'I felt revolved'
12. nina persson 'digestif'
13. superchunk 'marquee'
14. frank ocean 'strawberry swing'
15. felt 'grey streets'
16. pavement 'drunk with guns' (peel session)
17. a man called adam 'righteous life'
18. physics 'city lights'
19. tyle the creator feat. domo genesis, mike g, hodgy beats and frank ocean 'window'
20. childish gambino feat. chance the rapper 'they don't like me'
21. gang starr 'jazz thing' (video mix)
22. a guy called gerald 'wonderful world'
23. add n to (x) 'revenge of the black regent'
24. david bowie 'rebel rebel'
25. the stooges 'gun'

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