Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jason Plays Music #16...July 18th, 2014...

july 18th, 2014...

1. Lou Reed 'Heroin'
2. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong 'Learnin' The Blues'...

3. Peggy Lee & Benny Goodman 'Why Don't You Do Right'
4. The Four Freshmen 'Them There Eyes'
5. King Tubby 'Double Cross'
6. Towa Tei 'Technova (La Em Copacabana)'
7. Whomadewho 'The Morning'
8. Lifeguards 'Product Head'
9. David Bowie 'Tumble And Twirl'
10. Felt 'The Day The Rain Came Down'
11. Gang Starr Feat. Scarface 'Betrayal'
12. Jay-Z 'Say Hello' (9th Wonder remix)
13. OFWGKTA Feat. Hodgy Beats & Tyler The Creator 'NY (Ned Flanders)
14. Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Vince Staples 'Centurion'
15. Prodigy & The Alchemist Feat. Roc Marciano 'Death Sentence'
16. Quasimoto 'Mr. Two-Faced' (Instrumental)
17. Madlib '-'
18. Redman Feat. K-Solo 'It's Like That (My Big Brother)'
19. Afrika Bambaataa 'Yaknowwhati'msayin'
20. DJ Rashad "Teknitian'
21. The Birthday Party 'The Red Clack'
22. Tim Buckley "The Healing Festival'
23. The Damned 'Fan Club'
24. Afghan Whigs 'Dedicate It'
25. This Heat 'The Fall Of Saigon'

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