Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Jason Mass Plays Music #127...(Aug. 26th, 2015)

Jason Mass Plays Music #127...
Aug. 26th, 2015...

1. Brian Eno "Fuseli"
2. Coil "The Tenderness Of Wolves" (Demo)...

3. Ella Fitzgerald "Someone To Watch Over Me"
4. Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra "Just As Though You Were Here" (Live)
5. Cannonball Adderley "Hayseed"
6. Joey DeFrancesco "Pennies From Heaven"
7. Grizzly Bear "Sun In My Eyes"
8. America "Wind Wave"
9. A.R. Kane "Up"
10. King Crimson "Moonchild"
11. Slint "For Dinner..."
12. Gil Scott-Heron "Speed Kills"
13. REM "Time After Time (AnnElise)"
14. John Sebastian "Welcome Back, Kotter"
15. Lifeguards "They Called Him So Much"
16. Depeche Mode "Free Love"
17. Roxy Music "Grey Lagoons"
18. Lenny Kravitz "Dancin' Til Dawn"
19. Flying Lotus "Heave(n)"
20. DJ Earworm "Over The Confluence Of Giants"
21. Blu & Exile "The Only One"
22. Guru Feat. Kem "Connection"
23. Wildchild "Party Up"
24. The Prodigy "Voodoo People" (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
25. Sonic Youth "Streamxsonik Subway"

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