Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jason Mass Plays Music #82...(Mar. 24th, 2015)

Jason Mass Plays Music #82...
Mar. 24th, 2015...

1. Brian Eno "1/2"
2. The New Basement Tapes "Liberty Street"...

3. Ella Fitzgerald & Sy Oliver "Angel Eyes"
4. Pavement "We Dance"
5. Dollar "Give Me Back My Heart"
6. Billy Joel "Maybe I'm Amazed"
7. David Fulmer/Arcana Orchestra "Orchestra Variations"
8. Cannonball Adderley "Rattler's Groove"
9. Cabaret Voltaire "Photophobia"
10. Viet Cong "Structureless Design"
11. Knxwledge "Lakfaith"
12. Ohbliv "And The Truth Shall Set You Free"
13. The Police "Hole In My Life"
14. Bill Laswell & Scott Style "Emergency At The Plant"
15. John Zorn "Folium"
16. Guided By Voices "Hit"
17. The Alarm "Breathe"
18. Rolling Stones "Beast Of Burden"
19. The Beatles "Run For Your Life"
20. The Cure "A Few Hours After This"
21. Talking Heads "Pulled Up"
22. REM "Pop Song 89"
23. Led Zeppelin "Misty Mountain Hop"
24. Captain Beefheart "Run Paint Run Run"
25. Zzino Vs. Accelerator "Destination"

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