Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jason Mass Plays Music #49...Jan. 3rd, 2015...

Jason Plays Music #49...
Jan. 3rd, 2015...

1. Prince "Serotonin"
2. John Zorn "Yesoma" (Vocal)...

3. Current 93 "Why Caesar Is Burning" (Part 1)
4. Tim Buckley "Valentine Melody"
5. Dave Barbour & His Orchestra With Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong "Would You Like To Take A Walk?"
6. David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto "World Citizen" (Long Version)
7. Sonny Rollins "Paradox"
8. Heights Of Abraham "700 Channels"
9. Brand New Heavies Feat. Q-Tip "Sometimes" (Ummah Remix)
10. Z.Z. Hill "I Think I'd Do It"
11. The System "You're In My System" (Kerri Chandler Remix)
12. Madlib "Real Days"
13. MellowHype "Bankrolls"
14. KMD "Contact Blitz"
15. Run The Jewels Feat. Gangsta Boo "Love Again (Akinyele Back)"
16. Depeche Mode "My Secret Garden" (Instrumental)
17. Cabaret Voltaire "Jazz The Glass"
18. Coil Vs. ELpH "Protection"
19. Joy Division "Passover"
20. Talking Heads "Air"
21. The Smoke "My Friend Jack"
22. R.E.M. "The Finest Worksong" (Mutual Drum Horn Mix)
23. Deerhunter "Desire Lines"
24. The Downliners Sect. "Why Don't You Cry Now"
25. Sonic Youth "Swimsuit Issue"

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