Friday, December 26, 2014

Jason Plays Music #8...June 28th, 2014...

Jason_plays_music_ #8...
june 22nd, 2014...

1. legendary pink dots 'peace crime 2'
2. john martyn 'solid air'
3. christina aguilera 'contigo en la distancia'...

4. ella fitzgerald 'black coffee'
5. the weeknd 'twenty eight'
6. zz top 'leila'
7. america 'riverside'
8. ernest ranglin 'love is loving june'
9. arthur alexander 'soldier of love'
10. mose allison 'night club'
11. sylvia 'pillow talk'
12. king tubby 'saturday dub cut only'
13. david ackles 'everybody has a story'
14. don cherry 'unknown' (incomplete)
15. freestyle fellowship feat. ab rude 'fragrance'
16. craig g. 'ready set begin'
17. del tha funkee homosapien 'check it ooout'
18. jadakiss feat. sheek 'none of y'all better'
19. chief kamachi feat. guru 'the best'
20. kanye west feat. pusha t 'new god flow'
21. atmosphere 'when it breaks'
22. wire '40 versions'
23. guided by voices 'cool planet'
24. chris bell 'get away'
25. sex pistols 'anarchy in the uk' (alternate version)

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