Monday, December 29, 2014

Jason Plays Music #39...Dec. 8th, 2014...

Jason Plays Music #39...
Dec. 8th, 2014...

1. Miles Davis "I Thought Of You"
2. Ella Fitzgerald "Please Be Kind"
3. Flying Lotus "Stirring"...

4. The 1979ers "Pre-Develop"
5. American Music Club "Pale And Skinny Girl"
6. Circus Devils "Stars On All Night"
7. Sebadoh "New Worship"
8. Nina Perrson "The Grand Destruction Game"
9. Legendary Pink Dots "Oceans Of Emotions"
10. Deerhunter "Blue Agent"
11. A.R. Kane "A Love From Outer Space" (Lunar Eclipse Mix)
12. English Beat "Tears Of A Clown"
13. Robert Pollard "Storm Center Level Seven"
14. Andrew Poppy "The Amusement"
15. Allen Strange "Noble Procession"
16. Animal Collective "The Purple Bottle"
17. Bigg Jus "Night Before"
18. Nephlim Modulation Systems "Hold The Atmosphere"
19. Knxwledge "BadNewz (WunForShoes)"
20. Labtekwon "Quiet Storm"
21. Jorgen Plaetner "Stykke 8"
22. Cabaret Voltaire "24-24"
23. Adult "Nervous (Wreck)"
24. Shitmat "Relax (Frankie Goes To Dreamscape)"
25. Naked City "Speedball"

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